Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Tells Me How It's Gonna Be...

Mother Sheehan, supporter of, well, whomever is currently killing U.S. troops, gives us our marching orders...via Little Green Footballs:

You have to wash the blood off your hands and get off your apathetic butts and do something,” she told several hundred people crowding a union hall to overflowing. “These people, they’re not going to change unless they see us out in the streets.”

Blood on my hands? What about the funeral pyre that burned for weeks in Manhattan after 9/11 ...who's hands are stained with their blood, Cindy? And do you think you can change my mind if a couple more of your moonbat minions do anti-war twirly dances in the lurid streets of San Francisco?

Sheehan, who recently moved from Vacaville to Berkeley, became known as the “Peace Mom” after she attracted hundreds of anti-war protesters to a makeshift camp near Bush’s ranch

Again, hundreds seems to be being portrayed as a significant amount in a country of over 270 that the best you guys can do?

"Anybody could do what we did in Crawford, Texas. We just went down and sat down,” Sheehan said. “ We have to get so freakin’ fed up with what’s going on that we all go and sit down"

Note to Left Wing-Nuts: When you start essentially saying "Where's the outrage?", you've already lost the cause, because the general population doesn't feel it is "outrageous". Just ask Bob Dole, whom muttered it while shaking his head all thru the 1996 campaign...

Link here - - no surprise that Sean Penn was sitting in the front row here either; just another actor looking for an audience...

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