Friday, November 25, 2022

The Biggest Truth Bomb To Come Out of The FTX Collapse... this snarky utterance from Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, and Democratic donor to the tune of $50M+, during a Twitter interview with Vox:

All "SBF" is doing is lifting the veil here, saying something we all already knew: Spouting left-wing bullshit and contributing to Democratic candidates is simply a payment of indulgences, in order to protect one's wealth from being targeted by the rabid, ravenous progressive elite.

Will an embarrassed media now do more scrutiny before lionizing those who mouth all the right bromides and invest in all the right causes?  Have they learned anything, as they watch the man/boy they once compared to Warren Buffet, devolve into the next Bernie Madoff?  Have they become more insightful, seeing Theranos CEO ("OMG -  a female tech entrepreneur !!")  Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to over a decade in the stony lonesome?


Maybe - if they were any actual journalists left in the industry - you'd see some mea culpas.

But propogandists are gonna propagandize.  So they will give a moment's pause, and move on to more of the same...

So one can say that's two truth bombs that came out here.

Although I should append the title with the addendum "So Far..."

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