Friday, March 22, 2013

Why Christie Can Win In 2016

....look, I'm not endorsing the guy.  Soft conservatism in the face of the liberal machine does nothing to halt the flow of institutionalized bureaucratic fascism, which is an ongoing problem in New Jersey, as well as nationally.

But, personality-wise, he might just be the perfect fit for America 2016.  Gruff and no-nonsense on the outside, but soft and ever-so-human on the inside.

Listen to him tell a quick story about family (his mother-in-law, in this case).  To the average American of every political & racial stripe, Christie will come off as just the big guy from down the street who can tell funny - and self-depreciating - stories that they can relate to:

It'll be hard for the media to paint this guy as a "wacko bird", or as an evil right-wing nut.  What will that leave the Democrats/media to work with?  Fat jokes, maybe?

Yeah, because that worked so well last time...

(Hat tip: More Monmouth Musings)

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