Monday, July 02, 2012

In Which Yahoo! Breathes A Sigh Of Relief...

Negative ad campaigns in a general election are a bad, bad thing, unless it is an effective tool against the candidate one opposes.

In that case, the tactics are worthy of high praise:

The story as reported is fairly upfront.  But I thought it lacked something, and it took a few seconds for that missing ingredient to register:  There was absolutely no condemnation within the article of the non-stop attack ads on Mitt Romney, nor was their any mention that many of these spots were found (by even the most liberal media outlets) to be factually inaccurate, in some cases wildly so.

That's because the article was about the success of a Democratic candidate.  When Romney starts running ads about Obama's miserable record, the media will be all over him, and vetting his spots for even the slightest variances in fact in order to discredit him and  his campaign for the White House.

And Yahoo! will lead the way.  Bet on it.

(more of my beefs with Yahoo's slanted news service herehere,  here here and here...)

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