Friday, July 25, 2008

"The Moment"

Via Powerline - Rush Limbaugh knows exactly what the moment is:

But ladies and gentlemen, if you are wondering when you hear Obama talk about change, this is it. The change is: America sucks, America's deficient, America's guilty, but America is now willing to pay the price because we have a Messiah who understands the faults, the egregious errors made by the United States and her people. We are racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes. We discriminate against people who worship differently than we do, have skin color different from ours, and we have not always behaved properly in the world. And we torture. And we, of course, are biased against people who want to get into our country illegally. We have a lot to pay for. Not to mention that we are primarily the country responsible for climate change, shrinking the Atlantic coastline, melting the Arctic ice.

This is the change. You want change? This is the change.

I think more people than just Rush get this, though. Thing is, those folks like this message, and agree with it...any suprise it went over so well in Germany?

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