Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barack Obama: An Empty Shell?


How can a racist far-left radical who surrounds himself with anti-Semites be an empty shell? Still, that seems to be part of thought behind this bit of analysis, which I enjoyed tremendously:

For someone who has devoted his adult life to public service (as he describes himself), he has had almost no impact on his world. The grants that he doled out on behalf of the Annenberg fund would still have been issued to the same people. The bills that he signed on to in the Illinois state Senate would have passed, or failed to pass, had he never been elected.

The people in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago where he worked as a community organizer remain today as they were in my own South Side youth, relatively poorer and living less well than their neighbors (although much of the South Side outside Woodlawn has been transformed by private investment).

The United States Senate would have enacted or failed to enact the same laws had Senator Obama never been born. The South Side and the public education system of Chicago, the state of Illinois, the condition of the United States all testify to the nullity of Senator Obama’s life thus far.

Senator Obama’s personal charm has made many people listen to him, admire him, even love him - but he can’t produce anyone outside his family, except the stockholders of his book publishers, whose life has been transformed, or even slightly touched, by his presence or absence.

He is a one-man refutation of the premise of Capra’s movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Obama is a man who has done nothing with his life whatsoever - it does not even have the nobility of the mundane - yet feels entitled to the highest post in the land (and I thought Hillary had a sense of entitlement, but boy-oh-boy can them Dems outdo each other in this catagory!)

Many Democrats seem to view him as they do a mirror, simply reflecting back whatever qualities they see in themselves, or wish to see in him. He absorbs it, then reflects it, and simply flashes his beautific smile; enough to make the faithful swoon.

But will the national electorate do the same? The DVD of History contains many chapters starring despots -coming to power with nothing more than a slogan and a riveting style of oration - and none of these tales have a happy ending. We've been immune to the Song of the Shyster for over 200 years ; yet has it come around to our time to hoist a man with a disasterous plan onto our shoulders, to deposit him in the White House to cure all the ills we are told ails us?

Watching history unfold isn't cool. It's freakin' terrifying.


Erica said...

It's funny (not ha-ha funny) what you said about him being the refutation of "It's a Wonderful Life" because before I actually got to that part, I kept hearing Clarence the Angel saying, "So, you see really HAVE had a shitty, empty, nothing of a life."

Great minds, yo.

The JerseyNut said...

It is amazing that he has gotten this close to the Democratic nomination with a blank resume.

Does not speak well of the intelligence of the Democratic party's primary participants.

They don't realize that their fantasy isn't shared by everybody.

Anonymous said...

Right. The guy has done nothing of consequence his whole entire life, yet if I choose not to vote for him I am labeled as a racist.

PC is poison.

Anonymous said...

"Terrifying" is an understatement, but I am lost for a better word.