Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And Obama says: "Amen!"

Really, someone ought to get this girl a job with the Barack Obama campaign; she perfectly epitomizes the loathing of America that permeates the spirit of so many of his supporters. I am talking here about one Citra Wilson, who does an annual "insta-summary" of the Oscars ceremony for Salon. She explains, quite clearly, why so many of the key awards went to international movies/stars:

Our country, on the back end of a rapacious tear of sophomoric jerkbag behavior, is moving into the slightly more mature adolescent phase of starting to hate its own smell.

I am the greatest country in the world / I am the piece of shit at the center of the universe.

After shaving its head and driving drunk around the globe with no panties, calling itself the Antichrist, and finally abandoning its children, totaling its SUV and getting its ass kicked in the parking lot of the Persian Gulf, America is realizing that it is internationally loathed, broke, soulless, tasteless, fat, drunk, malicious, greedy and stupid, and has been generally behaving like a lousy excuse for a world superpower for long enough to lose all its friends and position.

Yuk. Seeing Citra Wilson express her own self-loathing in such a way is not unlike the written equivilent of watching a pus pimple pop. Sorry, should've posted this one with an advisory....

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