Monday, June 11, 2007

Friends of Roseanne Barr

I'm talking about the folks like the one to our left who showed up for “The World Says No to Israeli Occupation” rally in front of the Capitol today. Picture courtesy of the Age of Hooper...

See, Rosie had a special message read to the 1500 or so losers (the best a rally sponsored by over 300 leftist organizations could do) who dragged themselves to this lifeless event:

Most rally speakers were long-time peace activists and Palestinian partisans who led "occupation is a crime" chants and held banners proclaiming "all Israel is occupied." One speaker decried the joint occupation of America and Palestine, the latter by Israel, the former by AIPAC; many referred to Israel as an apartheid state. The event also featured a call from high-profile comedian Roseanne Barr for a reassessment of US foreign policy.

"That change starts with our calling for the end of American taxpayer and American government [support] for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands," said the controversial Jewish performer in a statement that was read from the dais. "All of us, regardless of our national or our religious affiliations, seek a new policy in the Middle East based on equal rights for all."

So Americans should be supporting Hamas, the leaders of Jew-Free Gaza, who have shocked even the most jaded Arabists with their lust for blood, blood of any kind? (and jeez, are the Palestinians kvelling for the good old days of the "occupation" in Gaza right around now, or what?)

Amazing thing is what a weak turnout this event was; perhaps Jew-bashing has lost its cache with all but the true believers and faded celebrities? Reminds me of the few Klan rallies that still pop up every now and again; thirty-odd years back they could still muster quite a posse of white-sheeted thugs; now just a few diehard haters show up for a sad grasp at attention. How glorious if anti-Semitism would fade like this - shrugged off to blow away in the breeze, clutched onto only by desperate delusionals, laughed off by the population at large.

Maybe Roseanne Barr is their perfect spokesman.

After all, her repulsive, skanky, vomitous, carbuncular exterior acts as a perfect expression of the innermost souls of her followers....and if the best they can drum up in Hollywood support is this hateful has-been, perhaps the anti-Israel movement really is losing its steam...


Anonymous said...

I think anti-semitism is a more virulant disease than you make it seem. It may go in and out of fashion - kind of a remission -but then it returns anew, to kill again.

Maybe Rosie and her muppets are the last of this generation's dying breed of anti-Israel/Semites/Zionists. But who knows what it may mutate into next?

Always wary, always vigilant, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Roseanne is so very lost - she is helping spread antisemitic lies - I also know that she cannot be reasoned with - I've tried.