Friday, July 14, 2006

Ignatius spouts Hezbollah lies

In today's Washington Post, David Ignatius commits two crimes against humanity in a column rife with false conclusions and outright lies - first, he advocates Israel's, and America's, surrender to terrorism:

Israeli and American doctrine is premised on the idea that military force will deter adversaries. But as more force has been used in recent years, the deterrent value has inevitably gone down. That's the inner spring of this crisis: The Iranians (and their clients in Hezbollah and Hamas) watch the American military mired in Iraq and see weakness. They are emboldened rather than intimidated. The same is true for the Israelis in Gaza. Rather than reinforcing the image of strength, the use of force (short of outright, pulverizing invasion and occupation) has encouraged contempt.
The danger of Iranian-backed adventurism is immense right now, but that's all the more reason for America and Israel to avoid past mistakes in countering it.

Don't counter it! Issue strongly worded resolutions instead! That'll show 'em!

The first is that in countering aggression, international solidarity and legitimacy matter. In responding to the Lebanon crisis, the United States should work closely with its allies at the Group of Eight summit and the United Nations.

Well, that has worked...never. But of course Ignatius knows that, as he fails to cite any precedent...

And here is his Big Lie:

One way to boost the Lebanese government (and deflate Hezbollah) would be to negotiate the return of the Israeli-occupied territory known as Shebaa Farms.

The "occupation of Sheeba Farms" is Hezbollah's excuse for its continued shelling of the Jews from Lebanese territories; too bad that according to Ignatius' precious United Nations, Sheeba Farms is 100% Israeli territory:

Full Israeli Implementation of Resolution 425
(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)July 25, 2000

Israel welcomes the announcement by the UN Secretary General to the Security Council (24 July), confirming that Israel has corrected all the violations along its border with Lebanon.

If anyone is in violation of UN resolutions, it is the Lebanese government:

The Secretary General's announcement notes that the Lebanese army and UNIFIL forces will be deployed along the border within days. Israel expresses the hope that Lebanon, too, will fulfill its obligations in accordance with UN resolution 425, will reestablish effective rule over southern Lebanon, and will take action to halt the violations emanating from its territory which infringe upon Israeli sovereignty

Ignatius cannot admit the truth, that the way of the UN and road map and land for peace has failed, not because of Israel, but because of the bloodlust of their enemies, which no treaty will satiate. So he helps Hamas and Hezbollah by inventing new Israeli crimes, to further force Israel into kowtowing to its psychotic enemies and cede more of their territory to them.

Either Ignatius is fully aware of these facts, and is distorting them to support a failed doctrine, or he is ignorant of UN resolutions in this matter. Simply typing "Sheeba Farms" on any internet search engine would have led him to this information; is he simply a lazy man or deliberately malicious?

Neither is acceptable; one should never wonder why the media has fallen so far in the public's eye...

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