Friday, September 04, 2009

Van Jones: An Original "Truther" !

So Obama's hand-picked "Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality" is now sorry that he signed a 2006 petition demanding an investigation on the presupposition that there exists "evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur."

From ABC News:

In a statement issued Thursday evening Jones said of "the petition that was circulated today, I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever."

He did not explain how his name came to be on the petition. An administration source said Jones says he did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name.

Really? Well, once is a coincidence, twice is a pattern. Over at Gateway Pundit we find that this is not the only 9/11 "truther" document that Van Jones has signed, oh no. He got on board in January of 2002, a mere four months after the jihadi attack on America. Over at you can find a copy of the original document published by a twisted truther organization that claims Van Jones as a key member. Some ugly excerpts:

Tuesday, January 8th, 2002, at noon at Justin Herman Plaza, people will gather to march up Market Street to the office of Senator Feinstein (at Post St.) where a delegation will ...demand that the Senate launch an inquiry or hearings of the events of 9-11, and the U.S. government's international and domestic response.

The 9-11 disaster has been used to justify a "War on Terrorism" which endangers the lives and liberties of millions of people everywhere...The administration has condoned massive Israeli assaults on Palestine, and threatens to attack Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, and other countries. Recent legislation is an attack on constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties, especially those of immigrants and people of color...The administration has institutionalized racial profiling and is secretly rounding up thousands of Arab Americans and other people of Middle Eastern background.

...This appears to be part of a long-range strategy to turn the clock back on the hard earned gains of the civil rights', womens', and environmental movements, to consolidate U.S. global domination, and to serve the interests of transnational corporations....

And who is listed as part of this unhinged group's leadershp? Why, none other than...

Organizing Committee:
Van Jones, national executive director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Is it any wonder that Van Jones is at the forefront of a movement trying to change 9/11 into a "Day of National Service"? He thinks that the whole thing is a crock anyway, and what better way to make use of 3000 civilian deaths than to use their memory to extort service to him?

And how the hell can Barack Obama expect anyone to take his "Green Jobs" initiative seriously when he puts a left-wing radical in charge of its implementation?

The appointment of Van Jones says a lot more about Barack Obama than anything else. How far out of touch is he with the values of his own nation if he puts a man like at his side in the administration?

Then again, it's exactly the kind of appointment one would expect from a man who intends to hoist the Communist flag over the White House later this month...

UPDATE: From The Corner, Van Jones' career highlights:

• Started his career as a prison-reform advocate in Oakland lobbying for reform of the juvenile justice system and youth-violence prevention programs.
• Co-founded a socialist collective, Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM, in 1994, which held study groups on the theories of Marx and Lenin and dreamed of a multiracial socialist utopia. The group protested police brutality.
• Co-founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in 1996 and Color of Change in 2005, which includes Bay Area Police Watch, a group devoted to "protect(ing) the community from police misconduct."
• Founded Green For All, an organization focused on creating green jobs in impoverished areas. Published New York Times bestseller, "The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems," in October 2008.
• Worked on the Green Jobs Act in 2007 with then-Rep. Hilda Solis, D-Calif., who co-sponsored the bill in the House.
Was arrested in San Francisco in 1992 after a protest march that followed the acquittal of police officers in the Rodney King beating. Jones was working with the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco.
• Was arrested in the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization

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