Monday, September 21, 2009

AP Mocks Obama's Heath Care "Savings"

Great headline, BTW:

$2 trillion in health savings? Where?

....referring to the heady days of May, when insurance, hospital and other allied medical industries promised to find that amount in savings over the next ten years. Too bad that they failed to materialize, and that they would fail to count against the cost of the bill to begin with:

For starters, the $2 trillion in reduced costs for care, administrative work and other medical expenses were supposed to be savings for the entire economy, not just the government.

That means that even if the savings were realized, much of it — no one knows exactly how much — would not be available to help Congress pay for its health overhaul bills. Those measures have ranged from an $856 billion bill by the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., to House Democrats' $1.5 trillion version, both covering 10 years.

So far, the pharmaceutical and hospital industries have agreed to cuts that would total $235 billion in 10-year savings for the government. That's a fraction of both the cost of health legislation and the $2 trillion in promised reductions.

And it's not enough for the Socialist-in-Chief, who is not reforming health care as much as he is redistributing it:

"Insurance companies, drug companies are going to have to be ponying up," Obama said Sunday on CBS-TV's "Face the Nation," without specifying any amounts.

We are going to be "forced" to buy insurance, in order to pay for its redistribution. Drug companies, medical device manufacturers, and insurers will have to "pony up" dough in order to be controlled by the government. And of course, this is all before the avalanche of taxes - or whatever it is our bullsh*tter-in-chief chooses to call it - on everything else sets in. After all, if government is now our parent responsible for our health, they can - nay, must - raise taxes on anything considered unhealthy, from soda to breakfast cereals to energy drinks to liquor....

And he wonders why his reform "plan" keeps getting more unpopular by the day? Shoot, even the uninsured may be turning against him:

The latest data from Scott Rasmussen's poll of those who lack health insurance indicates that they're starting to turn skeptical about the Obama plan....

What a mess. Can't we just put this dog to sleep?

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