Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ron Bloom delivers army of BrownShirts to Obama...

Another day, another czar. Now we have Ron Bloom, Obama's "Czar of Manufacturing"(WTF?), who has spent his entire adult life working as a union negotiator beginning with SEIU for decades.

Did we need anther indicator that Barack Obama is an economic illiterate? Putting a man in charge of manufacturing who has dedicated his life to destroying the manufacturing base of the country in order to buy five more minutes of comfort for his clients?

But maybe Barack Obama has another ambition here - -perhaps a ready-made army of brownshirts? JWF:

Even to the casual observer it is impossible to miss the numerous connections between Barack Obama and the unions. He brings the unions in to act as his muscle, not only against his political opponents, but allies also.

...[it] appears to be more of message to those Democrats in congress that not giving Barry O what he wants on this issue, which he will supposedly outline on Wednesday, could have some unfriendly consequences for those wishing to continue to draw a taxpayer paycheck.

What better way to keep concerned citizens inside their homes and out of town halls than to have union thugs issuing beatings to political opponents, a la St. Louis? What better way to keep the Blue Dogs in line than to threaten uprisings in their districts - peopled by out of town SEIU members, of course - to project the impression that a representative is out of touch with his constituents?

It's an old fascist trick to keep an unpopular minority in power; used by everybody from Obama heroes Chavez and Ortega to the mullahs of Iran.

The biggest danger here (besides to what remains of our manufacturing base) is to the unions themselves. Giddy with political power like they've never seen before, they are also suffering from their lowest approval ratings in history while tying their fate to the most unpopular Congress in history; not to mention a president who is sinking like a lead balloon.

Let 'em all burn together....

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Publius said...

Unions have gold plated health benefits. Better than the benefits that most of us poor shlubs have.

One of the ways they are considering to help pay for intergalactic health care is to tax the health benefit you get from your company as income.............unless you are in a union.

So the unions don't even have a dog in this fight! They are exempt from the potential nightmare the rest of us face, yet they take to the streets to be Obama's Jack Boots.

"Somebody needs health care! and you are going to pay for it! Not us! But You!"

Bam! Kapow! Smack!

They'll probably end up calling themselves 'The Republican Guard' just so it doesn't sound like the democrats have anything to do with it. They are good at effectively using absurd labels.