Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NBC: Conservative Parents Are Just Plain Dumb !

NBC's talking heads were worked up into a lather this morning about the nerve - the nerve - of parents who dared to voice concern that their children were being forced to watch a speech by the most anti-American president in history, then having to answer government-provided questions such as "Are we able to do what Barack Obama is asking of us?"

Well, actually, the line in the video below is :

The biggest danger to kids in this whole thing is that a lot of parents who are complaining about this whole thing aren't smart enough to raise their kids very effectively"

"If you think this is....a danger to your kid - you've got some problems"

(video disabled; use link above)

Not sure who the fellow is who makes these remarks - he is uncredited on screen - but it speaks volumes to the inability of the media to see outside the small echo chamber which they have increasingly ensconced themselves. It's a a hateful, angry statement - one, that had it been made of liberal parents, would have resulted in demands for a resignation, somewhere, at the network.

But to the rest of the media, there is nothing to report here; just someone who said out loud what they all think, and what is so obviously true: Conservatives are idiots. Belief in God is infantile. Barack Obama is the closest thing to God on Earth, and should be obeyed without question. Opposing beliefs do not have to be debated, they are by definition "stupid" and not worthy of consideration.

And they wonder what is driving people by the
tens of thousands out into the street, for the first time, to protest - against a president and a national media that derides them as ignorant.

And they will never learn, or turn. They are too far gone, too invested in the "idiot" theme to ever revisit it and perhaps accept it. So they will go down with the liberal ship, ignorant themselves of understanding how this could be happening to them, and the last cry you will hear as they gurgle under the water will be...



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