Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN Video Sting 'Pimp' is a Jersey Boy!

Finally, something for New Jersey to be proud of....

Our conservative hero is one James O'Keefe - born in Bergen, did some school at Rutgers as well. Before he gained fame as The Man Who Took Down ACORN, he was raising Cain at Jersey's finest university:

...when he was the editor of a conservative magazine at Rutgers University, James O'Keefe III mounted a satirical campaign to ban Lucky Charms cereal from campus dining halls on the premise the breakfast fare was offensive to Irish-Americans.

The operation, which included a hidden-camera video with a Rutgers dining services official, was intended to demonstrate what O'Keefe saw as the absurdity of political correctness....

A good peice by NJ.Com. And here's the second part of the "Lucky Charms" video. Indeed, the fact that he was taken seriously at all points to a terrible, terrible flaw in the system:

"He's portrayed as a green-cladded (sic) gnome, and as you can see ... we're not all short," O'Keefe says. "We have differences of height, and we think this is stereotypical of Irish-Americans."

Any wonder that:

....By the time he graduated in 2006, O'Keefe had developed a reputation as "the godfather of the conservative movement" at Rutgers, said Kyle Barry, The Centurion's current editor-in-chief.

Maybe there is more hope for New Jersey's next generation...

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