Saturday, September 12, 2009

Serendipity, thy name is Sarah?

I think I am finally starting to understand the Left's fear and loathing of Sarah Palin. Because truly, her powers are limitless.


Rasmussen's latest polling seems to suggest that Obama's high water mark was at or near July 3rd. Is it a coincidence that the date also corresponds to Sarah Palin's announcement that she was resigning her governor's post to pursue another calling?

Oh, man. Has Sarah put the ultimate Jedi mind-f*ck upon Barack Obama? Is just the fact of her being out there, in the mix, while he thought she was pinned down in Fairbanks, driving Barack Obama to distraction? Is she our Alaskan Luke SkyWalker, to the Democrat's Darth Vader (no racism intended, oh sensitive ones)? Resigning her post as governor, in order to save us from the Evil Empire?

What Governor Palin's move did was free her to engage in the national debate in a way which would have been impossible if she remained as governor of Alaska. And she did just that.

And while the claim that Palin was instrumental in derailing, even if temporarily, cap and trade, is somewhat debatable, the fact that she changed the nature of the health care debate with a post on Facebook is not:

That Facebook note was a game changer. The entire complexion of the healthcare debate changed overnight. Obama has been on the defensive ever since...

...As the past two months have clearly shown, the opposition to Obama has a leader, and that leader is, without a doubt, Governor Sarah Palin.

The Force is strong with that one. Darth Barack himself, the great psychic warrior, feels a tremor of fear roll throughout the Dark Side when Sarah wields her mighty sword.

And the mighty Jedi army re-forms, behind her.....

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Jim - PRS said...

May The Force be with us.