Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Those Brave Anti-War Protesters

100,000 protestors, out of a country exceeding 270 million, show up in DC to protest...everything. Charles Krauthammer, as always, pounds this nail:

Were we able to psychologically profile the demonstrators, we'd find that most of them have a great deal in common: Disappointing lives, failed relationships and the desperate need for a cause of any kind. If we weren't at war, they'd be marching to save pinworms from drug-company aggression.

Of course, opposing a war involving American troops is the best cause of all. Our country has disappointed the protesters intimately — failing to hand them, free and clear, the lives to which they feel themselves entitled. So forget that our troops are re-enlisting at record rates and willingly risking their lives in a war they believe in. The self-satisfying cry of the demonstrators is "Bring Our Troops Home Now!"

It would be far easier to be sympathetic if a single spokesperson for the media-amplified anti-war movement laid out a convincing model of what would happen in Iraq or Afghanistan if our troops just came home.

There's a good reason for that; it would expose their fellow-man-loving hypocracy:

The protesters get their wish, our troops leave and a bloodbath erupts, drawing in Turkey, Syria and Iran? Just reach for a glass of sauvignon blanc and speed-dial a like-minded pal for reassurance. Genocide isn't your fault, girlfriend. You did what you felt was right, don't be so hard on yourself.
No consequences. At least not for us.

That's the moral shallowness of the anti-war left; they ape their Vietnam-era forefathers but do not have the excuse of not knowing the consequences of their actions. These are the people they are asking the United States to lead Iraq to:

BAGHDAD - Insurgents disguised as police dragged five Shiite Muslim schoolteachers and their driver into a classroom, lined them against a wall and gunned them down yesterday - the latest escalation of sectarian killings ahead of Iraq's crucial constitutional referendum

These are your heroic insurgents the left champions as the holders of the moral high ground in Iraq. These are the freedom fighters lionized by the anti-war movement; Michael Moore's latter-day Minuteman.

The next time you see an anti-war rally, think not of what they are protesting against, but whom they are actually supporting - and why.

"An 'appeaser' is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Winston Churchill

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