Thursday, September 15, 2005

Deciphering The Times...

Just had a chuckle looking at the blurbs that accompany the Times' editorial headlines; I guess I have my own way of reading them:

It's critical that President Bush acknowledge that the federal government is where the responsibility for disaster management rests.

Of course it is critical for the Times for Bush to take the blame - after all, if we the people are allowed to look too close, we might see a horrific lack of emergency planning by local Democrats Ray Nagin and Louisiana Governer Blanco. For if Bush doesn't take the blame, maybe some enterprising reporter might dig and find, you know, the truth...and the Times can't have that!

By subjecting Judge John Roberts Jr. to tough questioning, Senate Democrats are sending a message that if President Bush chooses a far-right nominee to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, he can expect a major fight.

Tough questioning? Did anyone at this liberal wasteland even bother watching the confirmation hearings? Democratic Judiciary members bloviated with self-important flatuance while the best question Chuckie Schumer could manage was inquiring of the nominee what his favorite movies were. But the above line does note that this battle is over, and that Bush/Roberts have won.

While the Times whines about specific liberal cases where they fear the new Chief Justice may not share their bleeding heart, Republican Lindsay Graham injects some adult behavior into the debate:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., attempted to dispatch the heart argument. “Nobody can question your intellect, because it would be a question of their intellect to question yours,” Graham said to laughter. “So we’re down to the heart.”
Graham warned, “If we go down this road of putting people’s hearts in play, and the only way you can have a good heart is adopt my values system, we’re doing a great disservice to the judiciary.”

Something the Times does not care to believe...

Graham quote here:

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