Sunday, September 11, 2005

Falling Down

This photo, for me personally, is the most haunting visual from September 11th. This man went to work that beautiful Tuesday morning, perhaps kissed his wife and children goodbye, and soon was faced with a choice presented to him by Islamic terrorists: To die by fire, or to die by falling.
What went through his mind as he pondered his options? Was there ever the hope he could survive the 100-odd story fall? Or was this the American version of the ancient Isrealites' Masada, where they fell on their swords rather than be taken by the Roman enemy? Did he chose to take his own life in a defiant plunge rather than burn in his enemy's fire?
We'll never know, and it doesn't really matter anyway. What matters is that in his death, Falling Man did something meaningful, something great. He shows us, in the starkest terms, the choices being offered to us by the Islamic enemy. Peace and friendship are not present in this photograph, nor is the possibility of future existance. The only choice being offered by the Muslim Terrorist is the method by which our lives are to be ended to serve their dream of an Islamist globe.

I look at this photo and wonder how many Americans will be faced with this man's choice in the future. After 9/11, we said Never Again and Never Forget, but with the help of the liberals and their lackeys in the media the horror of that day is being sanitized, equivilized, and minimilized. Will it soon be taught that Falling Man's death was, in actuality, his own fault?

We must fight. Now. In the Middle East and wherever the terrorist calls his turf, lest he return to our soil to perpetrate his hatred again. We must ignore the sweet siren call of the Left, calling for aquiesence and appeasement with those whom want our blood. Let us turn away from the weakness of "understanding" our enemies; for I do not want the poisonous ideology of those whom caused my friend to jump to ever enter my soul.

There is right and wrong. There is good and evil. Those whom refuse to define it do not know the difference, and their morality (or lack of it) will eventually kill them.

I will define it; I will call a thing what it is, political correctness be damned. I was an eyewitness; watching the first Tower burning from my office window when the second plane hit. I watched the buildings fall and the people scream; I saw more funerals at a young age then I ever imagined possible. The cry of the bagpipes echos in my head, and still chills my heart. Here in New Jersey, the wounds are not healed, and today they are re-opening, with pain and tears.

Falling Man, again. He made a moral choice that turned into a symbol for September 11th. In the face of our enemy, we are all faced with a similar choice. Fight with whatever we have, or be consumed in his flames. Not happy choices, but neither were his. We cannot chose the times we are given to live in, we can only chose what to do with that time.

Let us chose wisely, then. On a day that we mourn the slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans, it is incumbant upon us to Never Forget, and to do all in our power to make sure this never happens again. Lest our generation be cursed by those that follow.

May God bless and keep the souls of the dead of September 11th.

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The probligo said...

"There is right and wrong. There is good and evil. "

You remember 9/11 New York. I shall too.


I shall also remember 9/11 Santiago, the day that Auguste Pinochet came to power in Chile in a Coup d'etat with the overt assistance of the CIA. I shall remember the 100,000 still missing after that repressive right wing autocracy took power in 1973.

We each have our terrorists...

The JerseyNut said...

Pinochet is rightfully called many foul things, but "terrorist" is probably not applicable. He overthrew, with popular support at the time, a communist government destroying the once robust economy. At his heart Pinochet was a dictator who ruled through terror, like most.
The USA has learned a harsh lesson on supporting these types of leaders; I find the support of the Shah of Iran a more potent example of this misguided policy. In fact, the overthrow of the Shah can be called the beginning of the clash of civilizations, as terrorism, nothing new, recieved state support and funding for the first time.
This is why Bush calls for democracy in the Middle East. We can certainly create a strongman to rule Iraq for us while US troops came back home, but eventually it would only be the Shah all over again. Establishing a democracy is always a bloody birth (see American Revolution, French Revolution, etc.), but it is the only way to secure long term stability, peace, and prosperity to the region. No more Pinochets, or Shahs...If we left Iraq now, I have the feeling something much darker would rise out of the darkness to take power; those bearded throat-cutters are nobody's hero; except maybe al-Jazeera's...
I'm not an expert on Pinochet, but I think the 100,000 number is a tad excessive - I've read "thousands" killed, missing and who fled, not 100,000. Not the point, though...