Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Brits go Jew-Hunting!

From Melanie Phillips, who's on the scene in "Great" Britian:

At present, to be a Jew in Britain feels like being under relentless ideological bombardment in a script written by Kafka. Whether it’s Holocaust denial, the lies about Israel’s ‘genocide’ of the Palestinian Arabs or the blood-lust and anarchy currently on display in Gaza, the British media are managing to blame the Jews and excuse their attackers. ..

Another item on BBC News 24 on Sunday night showed the burning synagogues -- but said something to the effect that the Palestinians were in a very difficult position because Israel had refused to dismantle them. Excuse me? Why was this difficult? What, pray, was it that forced these Arabs to behave like savages towards the holy places of another faith? If it had been the Israelis burning down mosques, the British media would have been apoplectic. But Arab savagery, whether towards Jews or Christians or towards each other, is either justified or ignored.

Never believed Europe when they said "Never Forget"; so this filth is no surprise. I do question the Jew's vow of "Never Again"; for as the new Nazis arise, they stay silent once more...

Read more about shocking anti-semetic, anti-Isreal lies told by the BBC (to cover up the Palestinian destruction in Gaza) in Melanie's full post here:

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The probligo said...

OK, so the Palestinians removed the synagogues.

How long had the synagogues been there? At the very longest since 1967.

What had been there on those sites prior to 1967? Palestinian homes.

NOW, who is "right"?