Friday, September 23, 2005

Enemy Propoganda, Served up Gleefully by Our Media!

RealClearPolitics points us to a Washington Post article, which while frantically trying to debunk the idea that we are winning in Iraq, serves up opinion from bedraggled terrorist Abu Hatem Dulaimi, a member of the Zarqawi-allied Ansar al-Sunna Army:

"I can say that the legend of the undefeated U.S. Army is gone, owing to our rockets and mines, which are separating them from it day after day," Dulaimi said in a telephone interview. "If they bet that time will be the way to end the resistance, they are wrong, because we are stronger since a year ago or maybe more."
Twenty-five members of Ansar al-Sunna killed themselves and others in suicide attacks last month, he said, and 53 volunteers for suicide attacks have arrived since.

Did the Post offer any differing sides on one terrorist's take on the progress of the war in Iraq? Why no; it stands on its own; unrepentant enemy propaganda delivered up as straight fact in a mainstream American newspaper. The individual news consumer, however, can find plenty to rebut this with surprisingly little effort - from the AP:

A suicide bomber captured before he could blow himself up in a Shiite mosque late last week claimed he was kidnapped, beaten and drugged by insurgents who forced him to take on the mission. The U.S. military on Sunday said its medical tests indicated he was telling the truth.

And from American Colonel Robert Brown , at a DOD briefing:

We've captured Libyans. We've captured Saudi, Yemenis, Algerians. And many of these -- one Libyan that we captured about a month and a half ago -- he was clearly brainwashed...They told he was going to be a suicide martyr. He said he didn't want to do that.

The Mainstream Media must hide the truth, that we are actually winning the war in Iraq and the war on Terror, because it does not fit their "Iraq as Vietnam" storyline. So they quote low-level thugs as authority and do not even bother to talk to folks like Colonel Brown. Unbelievable; this wouldn't even pass as college-level journalism, yet it passes at the Washington Post.

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