Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Anarchy ruled the Gaza Strip yesterday as jubilant Palestinians celebrated the Israeli withdrawal by planting flags in vacant Jewish settlements, torching synagogues, firing guns and storming across the Egyptian border.
The wild celebrations, marred by one fatal shooting and three drownings, came hours after the last Israeli troops left Gaza, ending their presence after 38 years.

Well, here we have it - the whelped child of poisonous Arab ideology and EU values . Any surprise their first order of business was burning down Jewish houses of worship? What else could it be?

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Via Econopundit:'s reasonable to surmise that Sen. Kennedy is correct about those who wanted to leave: Most people who could arrange for their own transportation got out of harm's way; those who depended on the government (and public transportation) were left for days to the mercy of armed thugs at the Superdome and Convention Center. It was an extreme example of what the welfare state has done to the poor for decades: use the promise of food, shelter and other necessities to lure most of the poor to a few central points and then leave them stranded and nearly helpless.

Ouch. Don't think you'll see this line of analysis in the Mainstream Media....
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I used to worry about Hillary; a smart lady, a good victim, coulda' been a contender...but now she seems to be chasing after the MoveOn crowd, using the Katrina tragedy to raise some fat cash for herself:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday cited Hurricane Katrina as part of an indictment of President Bush's administration, at a big-bucks Midtown fund-raiser for her 2006 re-election bid.
Clinton — who wants to create an independent commission to examine the government's initial response to the hurricane — said the disaster forced the nation to take a "rather unpleasant look in the mirror," adding, "How could we, as Americans, have let this happen?"

Hey Hil, you dumb ***k, I, as an American, didn't let this happen; but let me give you one freakin' clue, OK?? Compare the behavior of Rudy Guliani while his city came under (suprise) attack to the behavior of one Ray Nagin, while his city coped with a widely forewarned disaster.
One man stayed with his emergency service crews while buildings literally fell on top of him, the other fled to high ground and cried for help while his people drowned.

I know which one of these men is "yours", Hillary.

That's why I vote Republican.

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