Saturday, September 17, 2005

Insurgents, through a clear eye...

From the Washington Times, via The Corner, we hear from Army Colonel H.R. McMaster, who is leading the campaign in Iraq to retake the border town of Tal Afar, on the representatives from the "Religion of Peace" they are facing:

Col. McMaster appeared in the Pentagon this week via a video hookup to describe how his 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, joined by 3rd Iraqi Army Division, routed most of the extremists.

But it was his description of how the enemy occupied their safe haven that got the most attention. Col. McMaster told of beheadings, gunshot killings, a booby-trapped dead child and kidnappings. "This is the worst of the worst in terms of people in the world," he said. "To protect themselves here, what the enemy did is they waged the most brutal and murderous campaign against the people of Tal Afar. ... The enemy here did just the most horrible things you can imagine, in one case murdering a child, placing a booby trap within the child's body and waiting for the parent to come recover the body of their child and exploding it to kill the parents."

Col. McMaster said his men killed scores of the enemy in a series of firefights...and said soldiers captured some associates of lead terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi. "They are some of the worst human beings on the face of the Earth," he said. "There is no really greater pleasure for us than to kill or capture these particular individuals."

But...but...they are someone's "freedom fighters", right?? Well, let me say this: Anyone whom can defend these people is one of these people, and deserves to live under their rule, as they wish most Iraqis to do. Right, Mother Sheehan? We should get out of Iraq now and leave it to these heroes of yours? And speaking of Cindy Sheehan, she has in fact gone sooo completely batshit:

I don’t care what flag a person salutes: if a human being is hungry, then it is up to another human being to feed him/her. George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power

And so goeth the latest heros of the mainstream media: Their precious insurgents (not terrorists!) kill babies for sport, and their spokeswomen wants to leave New Orleans to the raging waters. When you support Cindy, and the terrorists, remember what kind of people you are lying down with...

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