Friday, March 06, 2009

When You Base A Policy On Lies... can bet it isn't going to turn out very well. And when said policy is health care, well - starting off with falsehoods is a good way to spend trillions of dollars and get people killed in the process. (might as well go for a war - at least you'll earn respect and stimulate the economy).

But that's all we get from the Obama administration these day. Perhaps they know they can't con America into socialized medicine based on the facts, so they need to lie to sell their half-banked liberal agenda. At least ABC calls BS on the President:

President Obama’s kicking off his health care reform today in the worst possible way: with a mischaracterization of data.

“The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds," Obama said at the opening of his White House forum on health care reform. The problem: That claim, based on a 2001 survey, is simply unsupportable.

...A more recent study by another group, approaching it another way, indicates that in 2007 about eight-tenths of one percent of Americans lived in families that filed for bankruptcy as a result of medical costs. That rings a little less loudly than “one every 30 seconds"...

But when have Socialists been known for telling the truth, anyway?

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Jim - PRS said...

He also referred to the MASSIVE cost of the impending mess as "investment."

Investment? Good grief.