Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Tea Partys: The Revolution Cometh !

And to think, liberals always thought they would be the stylists of the revolution, to be the ones to storm the halls of power and overthrow the vainglorious and corrupt. No, they were never smart enough to (or were always to stoned to) pull it off.

When the middle class rises in America - that's a revolution, folks. 15,000 came out in Fullerton, California:

The bottom pic is a pile of Governor Terminator discs and tapes, shortly to be smashed and burned. That's what happens, heretic...

We saw a few hundred in Kansas City:

Along with a "few hundred" in Harrisburg, PA. Michelle Malkin has some great pictures - "Chains You Can Believe In", indeed!

Pork Revolution shows us pictures from a crowd of over 500 people in Green Bay. Check out the crowd storming over the bridge:

Obama - by law - may last four years, but his Democratic yes-men (and women) have a much shorter political lifespan....

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Paul said...

How's it feel to be marginalized? You don't like it do you? Get used to it, because the last 20 years were dominated by "conservatives" who grew the government, racked up a huge deficit, and waged war on the middle class by the reverse Robin Hood effect: Stealing from the poor and middle class, and giving to the rich.I'm going to say to you what you said to us, "Get over it!" You lost! You will continue to lose, because the majority of the American people have seen through your deception.

The "Tea Parties" you are all having are laughable. Steven Colbert couldn't make better fools out of you than you are making out of yourselves.