Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't Bet On Obama...

...or at least, don't bet with him.

The president took time off from his schedule of White House parties and Leno appearances to stop by ESPN and fill out a NCAA Tournament Bracket. How's he looking after day one? Well, he's getting his ass kicked, which makes his hoops prognostications about as successful as his recent forays into economics and foreign-policy:

After the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament, President Obama's bracket appears to be a bust.

The president, a self-described basketball junkie, managed to only pick 11 of 16 games correctly--or 69 percent.CBS 2 imported Obama's picks, which were originally made for ESPN, into its Bracket Challenge game. Currently, the president ranks in the 27th percentile among all players.

Perhaps Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was right when he said the president should be focusing on the economy, rather than picking NCAA brackets...

Jeez, can't this guy do anything right? Shoot, I watched all of two games all season leading up to the Big Dance, and I'm 14-2.

Here's the irony: William Bolitho on gambling:

A gambler is nothing but a man who makes his living out of hope. ~

And where will Barack's gambling ways take America? William Mizner:

Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something.

Great. Can we get an intervention in the White House?

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