Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's Judicial Picks: Destroying America, Now and Forever

Sure, Obama's a moderate, just like the media kept telling us all campaign season.

That's why the man Obama nominated to be the State Department's legal adviser - Harold Koh, dean of Yale Law - cannot wait to take a moderate path by giving away American soverignty to the first iman that passes beneath his transom. The New York Post:

He's a fan of "transnational legal process," arguing that the distinctions between US and international law should vanish.

For example, Koh believes that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child -- a problematic document that we haven't ratified -- should dictate the age at which individual US states can execute criminals. Got that? On issues ranging from affirmative action to the interrogation of terrorists, what the rest of the world says, goes.

Including, apparently, the world of radical imams. A New York lawyer, Steven Stein, says that, in addressing the Yale Club of Greenwich in 2007, Koh claimed that "in an appropriate case, he didn't see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States."

Koh has called America's focus on the War on Terror "obsessive."

Gee, I feel safer already. (and here)

If that doesn't turn your stomach, Gateway Pundit describes Obama's first judicial nominee as a "raving lunatic". Hmmm...think he's got a point there:

Hamilton is precisely what Obama wants in a judge: Someone who ignores the Constitution and imposes his own liberal ideas on each case. Hamilton will have what Obama calls “empathy” for the poor, child molesters, abortionists, murderers, etc. Hamilton has ideal liberal credentials. He is a former ACLU lawyer and was a fundraiser for the corrupt group known as ACORN.

...Hamilton is also an enemy of the First Amendment and religious freedom. Interestingly enough, Hamilton has ruled that prayers in Jesus Name at the Indiana House of Representatives was unconstitutional, but prayers to Allah were not.

Before our eyes, we go from a secular-capitalistic society to a Muslim-socialist society. And all within 70-odd days. And there is nothing - and no one - to stop Barack Obama, as he knows his majorities in Congress will rubber-stamp any radical nominee/economic plan he proposes.

I was convinced, as recently as a few weeks ago, that the damage being done by Barack Obama could be undone partially in 2010, perhaps completely by 2012. Now, with the long-term damage he is doing to the economy with his insane deficits and the long-term destruction he is doing to American society with his far-left judicial appointments, I am beginning to think otherwise.

Obama is -with full intent - dynamiting the underpinnings of what has been America for the last 200+ years, in order to fill the vacuum with his own vision of what American should be. He has the time, and political capital, to do it. And the media will simply stand along the sidelines and cheer. Protests will be ignored, or worse.

Well, he did come through on one promise. Change. We are different from what we ever were, and we may never be able to go back.

Things may be worse that I thought.

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