Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why We'll ALL miss George W. Bush

As soon as Hillary and/or Obama is elected, we'll have buyer's remorse. Just as the wise are in Australia after booting conservative stalwart John Howard:

Howard was very much Australia's John Galt: it was against his shoulders that movement leftists railed and to which he yielded not an inch. Howard's removal....unravelled that Newtonian relationship, foisting insane ideas, held back for 11 years by Howard, straight into the most vulnerable demographic - our children. Almost from swearing in of the new government, the leeching and corrupting the youth has recommenced.

It is not hard to see why Howard was so hated by the left: he was the centre-right's buttress against leftist stupidity and indoctrination. It will be a long three years...

Or four, in our case. As we wander in the wilderness, will Americans of the future cry out plaintively, "Oh, who is George W. Bush?"

And somewhere, Ayn Rand smirks...

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