Saturday, February 16, 2008

Praying For Our Defeat In Iowa

If dhimmitude has hit the Christian heartland, than we are all truly f*cked. The Iowa Legislature, as is its tradition, opened up their session with a prayer, and on this particular day a lawmaker invited an Iman to deliver said invocation. And thus he spoke:

The prayer asked of "Victory over those who disbelieve," and "Protection from the great Satan" among other things....

Well, at least one lawmaker got a bit irked:

"I can't sit here while jihadist statements are made from the rostrum of the people's House of Iowa," said Rep. Gary Worthan, (R) Storm Lake. Worthan said he was angered by one specific line in the prayer offered line by the Muslim Imam, that morning.

"You are the pardoner, supporter and protector; and give us victory over those that disbelieve," said Imam Muhammad Khan, Islamic Center of Des Moines.

"Victory over disbelievers," Worthan said. "Disbelievers, non-believers are synonymous with infidels. The only way to have a victory over an infidel, or nonbeliever, is to convert them is Islam, or kill them."

No wonder the Muslim world is so smug and sure about their upcoming victory over the West. When else in history have government bodies allowed representatives of the enemy to present themselves in their chambers for the purpose of praying for victory over them?

And in closing....whom do you think the "us" is that the Iman refers to below? The people of Iowa, or...?

Khan's prayer lasted about four minutes and he closed with a few words for legislators. "On behalf of the Muslim community of Des Moines and Iowa, I wish you all the success in this year for making the right decisions for us," Khan said.

Khan was the guest of State Representative Ako Abdul Samad of Des Moines, who is also a local Muslim leader...

And a Democrat, of course. Funny, I could not find that little bit of information mentioned anywhere - and as a matter of fact, all of the news reports on the controversial invocation leave out not only Samad's party, but refuse to identify him whatsoever. I wonder why?

And I only thought this type of idiocy happened in the People's State of New Jersey. Scary to know the disease is spreading throughout the body....


Erica said...

It's very discouraging, and infuriating, to know that Americans even tolerate this. I wish there were something I could, personally, do to stop this global insanity.

Nicholas Sarkozy makes me feel somewhat hopeful, but a lot of good that would do if Barak Obama is elected, in which case, I fear, we'd be royally screwed.

Jim - PRS said...

We are in the first stages of committing national suicide. It's terrifying.

The JerseyNut said...

Obama is this generation's version of Jimmy Carter - a naive, inexperienced lightweight with an anti-semitic bent who can't wait to coddle up to/appease/beg forgiveness from the world's tyrants/thugs/terrorists.
Given a choice between two evils, I would have to say at least Hillary is somewhat realistic and pragmatic; Obama is willfully blind, and intends to stay that way.
That's why I am infuriated about the conservative backlash against McCain - we are still paying for Jimmy Carter's mistakes (see Iran); will Barak Obama set us back another forty years?

Anonymous said...

McCain will win in November by bringing independant voters to the ticket. And yet - seems like Republicans are missing the whole "big tent" thing,you know?
Kind of doing to McCain what the Democrats did to Lieberman.
I actualy liked Mitt Romney. but I guess being competent is less exciting than "yes we can."