Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So I Pulled the Lever For....

John McCain.

Honestly, I was torn between the top two candidates - Romney is an excellent executive who could "manage" the country quite well, and do it in a conservative style. And while I love McCain's resume, I don't know how well lawmakers like McCain can actually run the country. Both in my mind are moderate Republicans - McCain has bridged the partisan divide on many key (and sometimes unfortunate) pieces of legislation, and Romney - well, if you are a Republican governor in a blue state, you have to govern from the center-right to survive.

So why McCain? Two reasons:

- he is much more likely - due to his fame and cross-party appeal - to win the general election against either Hillary or Obama this November.

- because I was sick of the bashing he was taking from the cacophony of conservative commentators in the media. Guys I usually enjoy listening to - Rush, Mark Levin, etc - have been frothing with anti-McCain bile for weeks, because he is not "ideologically pure" (my words). It was disheartening, and disappointing, to say the least. Hey, no one tells the JerseyNut who is "right" - whether it be the klowns on the NY Times editorial board, or respected right-wing commentators. You tell me to vote Romney? I'm voting for Big John...

Although, truth be told, I was sorely tempted, when I saw Rudy's name on the ballot, to give him one final show of respect...


Erica said...

You think you were torn? I am a Democrat In Name Only, because I never bothered to switch party affiliations after I registered to vote under the same party as my 'Rents, but I'd also never, ever, not in a million, billion, gazillion years forfeit my right to vote...so, it was a toss up between Thunderboy [Barack, if you didn't know, means "thunder" in Hebrew] and Thunderthighs.

When I walked out the voting place, my parents - who I had met up with there a little while earlier - looked at me, and my Mom said, "You voted for Hillary, didn't you? I could tell by the look of disgust on your face."

I was like, "Yo, Ma...if I voted for Hillary, I'd have slit my wrists in the booth, and an ambulance would be carting my sorry socialist ass out of this f**king stifling hellhole."

Trust me, come the presidential election, I'll also be going with McCain...even my parents, lifelong Democrats, will probably be going with McCain, though, I will admit, I'd have preferred Romney, only because I don't agree with McCain's stance on amnesty for illegals, the Second Amendment, and, for God's sake, Freedom of F**king Speech.

War hero? Dat's cool...I respect it, but a great president does not necessarily a war hero make, although, hell...I would have LOVED, more than anything, a Bob Dole president. Now that would have been the freakin' shizzle, right there. A moot point, sad to say.

Omg, I just realized, I'm rambling. Sorries. It's just that you make me feel so at home here.


The JerseyNut said...

Erica, your rambling is still more coherant than most of my postings. So feel free to relax, put your feet up, and grab a beer...

And I feel the same way about McCain that you do, but I expect him to move a bit right in order to solidify his base, and besides - an 80% ally in John McCain beats 100% of Hillary or Obama any day.