Sunday, February 24, 2008

Obama: Messiah

Kathleen Parker captures, and nicely defines, the lighting in a bottle that is Barack Obama:

....It is hunger, and that hunger is clearly spiritual. Human beings seem to have a yearning for the transcendent -- hence thousands of years of religion -- but we have lately shied away from traditional approaches and old gods.

Thus, in post-Judeo-Christian America, the sports club is the new church. Global warming is the new religion. Vegetarianism is the new sacrament. Hooking up, the new prayer. Talk therapy, the new witnessing. Tattooing and piercing, the new sacred symbols and rituals.

And apparently, Barack Obama is the new messiah....

After a generation of Catholic-bashing, the Left attempts to offer up its own version of religion, and give us...a Pinball Wizard.


Anonymous said...

You '100 year war' nutcase. The pit that moron bush has left this country, anyone offering a way out looks 'messanic'.

The JerseyNut said...


"That deaf, dumb and blind kid
Sure plays a mean pinball ! "

Jim - PRS said...

Deep thoughts, that.

Erica said...

Barack the Messiah?? And I'm John the Baptist. Please to meet ya.

Anonymous said...

Bet Anon#1 spends lots of time surfing the net, looking for those who dare critisize the prophet Obama.
The new Ron Paul? "Meet the new boss, smae as the old boss" (well, if we are doing Who tunes today)

Papa Giorgio said...


See this site:

Pretty interesting. i talk about it as well: