Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why John McCain?

Because the alternatives are too awful to contemplate:

One can agree or disagree with his peripheral positions, but political orthodoxy is political death. If those who are in a hissy fit about Sen. McCain would rather have Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, they will get Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton -- how delightful to go to jail for building your house on land once visited by an exotic moth -- and they will wake up to a great regret, as if in their drunkenness they had taken Shrek to bed.


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Anonymous said...

The infighting on the Republican side (which is so similar to what we have seen from the Democrats over the last decade)between ideological factions will surely send the party spinning out of power for a long time to come. Maybe until the next Reagen?
Seems like the Dems, incidentally, have found there next JFK.