Monday, October 15, 2007

New Jersey: A Launching Pad for Al Qaeda

Liberalism is a suicide cult, at least the way Governor Corzine practices it...we've spoken at length about his efforts to protect illegal aliens within New Jersey; nevertheless I am sure the fact that some of them are plotting to massacre the legal citizens of his state will not cause him to bat the single eyelash...however, should such an attack occur, he can always blame the good people of New Jersey for "...a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society." (see The Newark Massacre).

Anyway - here's what's up:

Counterterrorism officials in New Jersey say they've quietly been cracking down on potential threats without public knowledge, taking aim at an Al Qaeda connection.

Between the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the George Washington Bridge, chemical plants, and its many ports, the Garden State has many vulnerable targets for terrorists. On Monday the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark revealed it has been cracking down on some of Osama bin Laden's associates in northern New Jersey, deporting them or disrupting their activities.

"Investigations of Al Qaeda like activities in the state are not a surprise. We know they do go on all the time," said Richard Canas, New Jersey's Homeland Security Director.

Passaic County Prosecutor James Avigiliano sits on the executive committee of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, also known as the JTTF.
"You cannot protect something 100 percent, but we are vulnerable if we didn't intercept certain things.
[that's spying! So un-American! -ed.] But that's the function of the JTTF and intelligence -- to get a line on these things before they happen," Avigiliano said.
Avigiliano can't discuss any specific cases, but said federal authorities have kept a close eye on northern New Jersey. "You know at least four of the bombers who were involved in September 11 came through and had ties in Paterson," he said.

Folks, Richard Canas is on the job! Boy, I feel safer already, knowing a hand-picked Corzine hack is in charge of the state's security:

Investigators are trying to determine if the state's homeland security director tried to get two state workers who helped him move paid for their efforts, according to The Star-Ledger of Newark.
The probe of Richard L. Canas by state prosecutors has led to the suspension, with pay, of his office's chief administrator, Anita Bogdan...

Again, should another deadly attack originate from New Jersey soil (remember 9/11? Corzine doesn't), the governor should be held legally responsible by the federal government, although I honestly do not know if there is a way to do that. Gross negligance? Perhaps...

And where's our gallant governor today? Off proudly directing resources to proudly non-English speaking Latinos of New Jersey...sigh...
You know, America used to be a melting pot. Watch Corzine work the liberal experiment in New Jersey, as he encourages people (via financial incentives) not to integrate, and come see the wonder al-Qaeda licks their chops every time our fool Governor opens his mouth...

New Jersey's Fausta has more details....

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