Sunday, October 07, 2007

Liberals: Raise Taxes, Kill Puppies!

It's importance to reference San Francisco every now and again; it's a warped laboratory experiment in what happens when liberals have complete and unchecked control.

Regional officials are taking a close look at trying to increase the Bay Area's gasoline tax by as much as 10 cents a gallon and believe voters might agree to it as a way to help combat global warming, The Chronicle learned Thursday.

The Democrats are just hooked on monetary confiscation; and like any junkie, keep coming up with new excuses to explain away their indefensible actions. Today's vogue excuses, gobbled up and regurgitated whole by their allies and enablers in the media, consists of two phrases: "It's about our children", and "It's about global warming". Either way, it results in taxes going up while producing no discernable results (unless extending socialized medicine to the middle class, and lowering the global temperature by 0.0000000000000000000001 % are the results you are looking for).

And why do the San Fran Sicko pols feel they can get away with this? Well, let's hand the mic over the guy who who is in charge of formulating this policy:

"People will kill their puppies to stop global warming these days," said Dave Snyder with a smile. Snyder is transportation policy director at the San Francisco Policy and Urban Planning Association, a think tank.

Really? Have you been asking puppy owners if they would be willing to strangle their pets to help contribute to the aforementioned miniscule temperature decrease? Or is this a bit more liberal projection; is it really you, Mr. Snyder, that would kill people's dogs if it could save a tree somewhere (perferably in a less evil country than ours)?

What a nut. Imagine if a conservative lawmen had made this statement; would the San Francisco media have thrown in the hasty "with a smile" adjective? Doubtful; they may have added "with a malicious smirk", but it certainly would have been followed up by a call to PETA looking for "reaction"...

This is what happens when the fox guards the henohouse; God help us all should the Left take command in November...

Via Tim Blair.

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Anonymous said...

"Puppy Tax" coming?
Only in S.F.!