Friday, October 19, 2007

Captain America: A Gun Nut !

I am glad to see that the iconic Captain American will once again grace the pages of Marvel Comics, but how will the gun control lobby (not to mention the Democratic Presidential candidates - won't someone please ask them ?) react to his

From the Washington Post:

When Captain America returns to the pages of his comic book in January, it won't be his star-spangled new duds getting all the attention. Instead it will be what he's wielding in his right hand, the one once reserved for pummeling the jaws of evil. Come next year, he'll be gripping cold, hard steel.

That's right, Captain America will be packing heat.....

Truly, a hero for our times...!


Anonymous said...

If he came to NJ to fight terrorists, Governor Corzine would have him arrested and charged with illegal weapon possesion and hate crimes.

Jkw said...

"Captain America will be packing heat....."

I like It!

joated said...

The Phantom used to pack a pair of pearl-handled .45s, if I remember correctly. Of course he was primarily in Africa.

Then there was Doc Savage and his crew. They were always packing heat! And in their home base of New York City, of all places (and elsewhere, of course).

The JerseyNut said...

The Phantom! I remember him from the Sunday comics of the 70's...and yes, he packed heat as well.
Excellent reference, Joated! I haven't thought about the Phantom in years!