Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Jersey: The Polls Results Are In....

And they wield some interesting, and confusing, results. Via Rasmussen:

Hillary Clinton leads Rudy Giuliani 51% to 40% in an early look at the race for New Jersey’s Electoral Votes....
....Clinton is viewed favorably by 58% of Garden State voters while Giuliani earns positive reviews from 59%.

Yeah, an 11 percentage point lead is undeniably sweet but it's quite early yet (right, Mr. Willie Randolph?), and with both of them sharing equal positive marks a lot may change based on who makes a better case for themselves.

Now this is funny:

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters say corruption is the top issue while 36% are more interested in property taxes. However, they don’t have much faith in either political party to address either issue.

Thirty-three percent (33%) say they trust Democrats more on the corruption issue while 29% prefer the GOP. Thirty-three percent (33%) don’t trust either party and 5% are not sure.

On property tax relief, 35% trust Republicans, 34% the Democrats, and 25% say neither.

Being that like some 80% of the corruption arrests in the state have been politicians of the Democratic persuasion, one might think that perhaps the Republicans may have earned the benefit of the doubt in this case. Except in liberal New Jersey, where the Democratic voters tend not to think much at all....

Thirty-four percent (34%) say Governor Corzine is doing a good or excellent job while 30% give him poor marks. In between are 33% who say he’s doing a fair job.

Seems like Corzine's barely held on to his hardcore base (that 34% probably represents the amount of registered voters that are on Corzine's - oops, the state's - payroll). Should the state Republican Party find a worthy candidate to oppose him, our very own Richie Rich may be in a heap 'o trouble down the road...

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Anonymous said...

Forget it. No national Republican candidate has a chance in hell in New Jersey; not in a state where (as you allude to)a huge amount of people are either on the public payroll or on the public dole.

It is an economic situation based on milking the middle class and the rich; once they leave, the whole house of cards will fall.

THEN you will see a Republican - a la California/Schwartzannager.