Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Want My Fluorocarbons Back !

...via No Pasaran! :

The one thing that’s obvious about the things that greenies always seem to find so pressing, urgent, risk-laden, around the corner, and so forth, have far more to do with a need to be liked while they act on their urge to dismantle any available pillar of a civilization they had no part in building.

Suprising, "global warming" is only the analogy in this case - the story here is really on our fabled "ozone hole"; you remember, the one that was so dangerous that we banned a myriad of different chemical compounds in order to prevent it from getting any larger? Turns out, of course that "ozone holes" are common to any planet that has, you atmosphere. To wit: "It seems that they are a feature of planetary rotation rather then a defect..."

....better go back and read it all.

Final commentary:

As if a bunch of lit majors could even tell you what ozone even is. All they know is that someone told them that you aren’t allowed to disagree with them.

Yeah. That's why Al Gore refuses to even debate on the subject, you know...

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