Sunday, August 19, 2007

"So why is Corzine sitting around dumb as a doorknob?"

That's quote from today's full-page editorial in the New York Post, only a small part of an overall tounge-lashing that the state and its incredibly inept governor got from the mainstream media today..the Post gives us "Jersey 'Justice' ":

Almost as shocking as the execution-murders of three college students in Newark two weeks ago is the governmental - and moral - paralysis that has informed New Jersey's reaction to the crimes.

On Thursday, Gov. Jon Corzine and Newark Mayor Cory Booker proudly announced yet another crackdown on guns - even though the state already has some of the toughest gun-purchasing laws in the county.
But neither Corzine nor Booker has said nearly enough about the systemic failures that led to the slaughter...

...At a Tuesday press conference, Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy deemed the immigration status of the perpetrators "irrelevant." Booker added, "It's no way the obligation of the city police department to be going around doing the work of [ICE]."

Wonder if the families of the three slain college students think Carranza's status is "irrelevant"?

In what world are McCarthy and Booker living?

When a violent crime has been committed, immigration status is damned "relevant" - if only because immigration charges can keep violent offenders off the streets in the face of New Jersey's ludicrous bail policies.

That's just common sense.

But, as is now evident, common sense is in short supply in the Garden State - and the consequences are tragic.

And deadly.

Mayor Booker is going to be to Newark what Mayor Dinkins was to New York - a weak, ineffective administrator who cringes as the animals roam free. At least that's what Errol Lewis in today's Daily News seems to be implying: is time for Mayor Cory Booker to take the next step by bringing order - and swift, terrible justice - to a city spinning out of control.

Criminals like the savages who murdered Terrance Aeriel, Iofemi Hightower and Dashon Harvey should be quaking in fear, terrified that a tough, no-nonsense chief executive - doing the will of an outraged populace - is coming after the bad guys with both guns blazing.
I'm talking about the kind of personal, in-your-face approach embodied by Rudy Giuliani in New York ....

That impression has to change - right now - on the streets, and there is no polite or orderly way to do it. If the ACLU isn't complaining, Mr. Mayor, you aren't doing your job right.

And as a nation turns its eyes, still flcikering with a last bit of hope, there stands Rudy Guiliani...

Anyway, here's more from Asbury Park Press political columnist Bob Ingle, who fires from both barrels:

Morristown Mayor Don Cresitello wants his police to get 287(g) status, which deputizes officers as federal immigration agents, allowing them to turn over people here illegally to the feds. Gov. Corzine opposes that.

"The governor believes the effort to deputize police will undermine the trust the communities have with law enforcement and will likely hinder law enforcement," according to published quotes attributed to a Corzine spokesman.

Who the hell does Corzine think will lose confidence in the police, the people who are here illegally? That's up there with the statement Corzine made after the college kids were shot:

"It is about a failure of us to be inclusive and holistically look to bring everyone into our society." That sounds a lot like a politically correct knee-jerk defense that can't withstand critical analysis.

Unbelieveable. We've dissed Corzine's empty post-massacre comments before, but his refusal to deputize police to report illegal immigrants is simply horrific. Why would the Governor want to prevent his law enforcement units from enforcing the law? What can he possibly gain from protecting criminal illegal aliens while serving up middle-class New Jerseyians as lambs to the slaughter (Just try, TRY, to exercise your second amendment rights in his state...)?

This is the end-game of ideologically rigid liberalism, folks - chaos and anarchy, where criminals enjoy unfettered rights while the law abiding fear for their lives, and the political class stares blankly and offers Corzine-esque platitudes. Gather 'round, folks, and watch the circus...If I must die at the hands of a Socialist state, I want there to at least be witnesses...


joated said...

Great post.

I've said it before and I'll sayit again: Corzine is an inept ass.

Jim - PRS said...

The government in this state, at every level, is beyond horrible. The only chance we have is to vote every goddamned one of them out of office.

Or, move south.

Jkw said...

"If the ACLU isn't complaining, Mr. Mayor, you aren't doing your job right. " ... I like that!

Erica said...

"The only chance we have is to vote every goddamned one of them out of office."

But...isn't every one in NJ a Democrat? It's amazing that there are even a handful of people who live there who have their heads screwed on straight.

While a little better in NY, the odds of voting everyone out in the local, state and federal levels aren't as imposingly stacked against us.

I sincerely wish you poor saps the best of luck.

The JerseyNut said...

Well, speaking for strictly my congressional district, the Republican party put up an unknown candidate named Joseph Sinagra against four-term incumbant and uber~liberal Congressman Rush Holt in 2006.

Sinagra spent $5,000 dollars on his campaign, period. Nobody had a clue who he was or what he stood for. Yet he still garnered 36% of the vote just by showing up.

Imagine if the Republican Party in this state had some legs, and could round some real candidates...

Jkw said...

Dear Erica,
Speaking as a ex New Yorker I can tell you that Jersey is indeed the Wild West when it comes to political campaigns.
But the republican party in NY is not that much better in putting up qualified candidates, Who was it again who ran against Hillary,
his name escapes me. ;)

If the republican party tried they could take the state in 08.