Friday, August 03, 2007

Harry Reid, Giggling While Minnesota Mourns...

It's scary to see that the character embodied in Blame Bush is based on a real person..and what's scarier still is that he is the Senate Majority Leader:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the Minnesota bridge tragedy is a wakeup call on America's deteriorating infrastructure.

"(The bridge disaster) really should be a wakeup call for America," said Reid, "a wakeup call to America because we have an infrastructure that is deteriorated and deteriorating. Bridges, dams, highways, water systems, sewage systems."

And while they still pulling the dead from the murky Mississippi, Reid reminds us that it is always, always, about retreating from Iraq:

"Since 9/11 we have taken our eye off the ball," said Reid, suggesting infrastructure spending has taken a back seat to spending on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"For him [ Bush ] to be staring in the face the huge amounts of money we're spending — $350 million a day in Iraq...... "

That's bottom, folks - rock bottom.

But the "taken the eye off the ball" remark is telling, and it speaks volumes about the Democratic mindset. The 9/11 attacks, more than anything, prevented the Democrats from turning America into a European nanny-state. Much to the dismay of the Left, we toughened up and went to war instead of staying home and debating different versions of "universal healthcare".
Getting the troops out of Iraq can stop the distraction of overseas casualties, reason the Democrats, and can help refocus the discussion on issue they deem as more important. Losing the war to terror in order to gain the platform they need to enact their social agenda? Perfectly acceptable, in their minds.

That's why the Democrats were the ones standing in front of the World Trade Center's smoldering ruins, motioning with their arms and shouting "Nothing to see here, folks! Keep moving, we need to talk about gay rights and anti-discrimination laws! Ignore the pile of dead bodies, please, and move along!"

It's a repulsive ideology, and Harry Reid is its perfect face.

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