Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soft-Hearted Liberals, Read No Further !

Because only a callous far-right neocon like myself could find this remotely funny...right? And for better or worse, if you've been around the kids who grow up in the city, they get pretty worldy pretty quick. Which is why the following rings so true....

Anyway -
overheard on the 1 Train, in New York City:

Son: I'm thinking of an animal now.
Mother: Does it live in water?
Son: No.
Mother: Does it live on land?
Son: No.
Mother: Does it live in the air?
Son: No.
Mother: Does it live in the subway?
Son: Yes.
Mother: Is it a rat?
Son: No.
Mother: I give up.
Son: It's a homeless person.

You know, I can see you trying to stifle that smile...


Anonymous said...

It IS funny!
Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.
You know?

Erica said...

After living here all my life, I could say that if I've learned nothing else, excluding 9/11, I'm never surprised at the stuff I see and hear anymore.

They really are animals, though, as they live quite primatively. Of course, that's their choice.

(apologies about the photo -- not in any way directed towards you)