Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Whales 1, National Security 0

Why elections matter, and how liberal judges and blue-state activists will surely be the death of us all:

A federal judge in Los Angeles banned the U.S. Navy from using high-powered sonar in nearly a dozen upcoming training exercises off Southern California, ruling Monday that it could "cause irreparable harm to the environment."

The Navy, which plans to appeal the decision, said even a temporary ban would disrupt crucial training of sailors before they are sent overseas. The Navy uses the sonar to detect potentially hostile vessels, including quiet diesel submarines, which one captain called "the most lethal enemy known" on the high seas."
It's akin to sending a hunter into the woods after one of the most lethal preys known, but sending him in partly deaf and blind," said Navy Capt. Neil May, assistant chief of staff for 3rd Fleet training and readiness.

Joel Reynolds, a senior attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said the judge's ruling in no way restricts the Navy's ability to use sonar against real threats or in battle....
"Just as the Army has a responsibility not to train soldiers to shoot in the middle of a crowded city street, the Navy has a duty, when it's learning how to hunt with sonar, not to choose a practice range next to a marine sanctuary."

There we have it, the unveiling of the liberal endgame - animals, with more rights than people, now have their safety placed above ours.

Progressive, indeed! But who will be left to enjoy the liberal's paradise, besides whales, illegal immigrants, and Islamist jihadists?


Jim - PRS said...

Imagine the nerve of the Navy, actually wanting to do sonar training in the sea.

The JerseyNut said...

And just listen to that enviornmental attorney, acting as if he has the authority to dictate under what circumstances the Navy may use sonar!

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks to that stupid judge, he actually DOES have the power to dictate under what circumstances the Navy may use sonar.