Friday, July 27, 2007

Troubles in Telluride !

To the shock of the liberal denizens of ski mecca Telluride, people actually hold different opinions than they do, and are willing to act upon them:

A backlash quickly emerged after the Telluride Town Council adopted a resolution last week calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

It’s huge, unbelievable,” said Telluride Mayor John Pryor. “Ski groups are canceling for the winter. Hundreds of people are bailing. The (town) Web site is flooded with people saying they’re canceling their vacations here.”

Pryor called it a “silly initiative.” The council, he told The Telluride Watch, is too busy to weigh in on national global politics.

If this was a silly initiative, why did he vote for it?

The answer would seem to lie in the fact that the council routinely adopts resolutions, on matters both big and small, with nary a further word. Further, such a resolution would be hardly controversial in Telluride, where only 17 percent of voters in the 2004 election cast ballots for Bush.

While the council chamber was full, virtually all people were there for resolution of a parking issue. The council had virtually no discussion before adopting the resolution.

But with Internet speed, e-mail protests and cancellations began rolling in, including that of a Florida ski club...

Love the spinelessnesss and backflipping of Mayor Pryor...guess he's learning the hard way - liberals talk and pass resolutions, while conservatives, you know, actually apply their beliefs to their lives...

The nerve!

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