Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's gotta be true...

...'cause it is exactly the kind of conversation you would hear there:

Yankee fan #1: What do you like better -- hot dogs or hamburgers?

Yankee fan #2: I like 'em both, man.

Yankee fan #1: You can't like 'em both! Hot dogs and hamburgers are mortal enemies, asshole. Everyone knows that!

--Yankee Stadium

And while we are in New York, tell me this guy isn't thinking about a CAIR lawsuit:

MTA announcer: ... And if you see any suspicious packages, please report them to the nearest MTA employee.

MTA guy cleaning platform: No, don't tell me nothin'. I don't wanna know nothin'.

--7 train platform, Woodside

Oh, Lord....


Erica said...

Rule of thumb for me: If he's wearing a Yankees hat -- period -- he's an asshole.

And, not to sound elitist but, if someone's sweeping a subway platform for a living, and is doubly reluctant to say something if they see something, I'm sure the former, un-coincidentally, probably has something to do with the latter.

I'm not exactly sure how, but it's just gotta.

The JerseyNut said...

Yeah, I avoid "The Stadium" and its crowd of louts, drunks, and whiners like the plague...give me an afternoon in the upper level at Shea any day!

Erica said...

If *everyone* from NJ could be as wonderful as you...what a wonderful world it could be.