Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Global Warming" Destroys New Jersey!

Well the myth of it does, anyway...the New Jersey Real Estate Report ties Corzine's recent imposition of Kyoto-esque enviornmental standards on New Jersey and the state's horrific job losses together quite nicely:

This is all about symbolism, of course, and Corzine and Gore hope to set an example for other states and countries, they say. Unfortunately, that symbolism will cost many New Jersey workers and entrepreneurs their livelihood. New Jersey has lost 8,000 private sector jobs in seven years, and this “politically correct” feel-good nonsense will accelerate that sorry trend.

New Jersey is a major petroleum refining state and is one of the primary suppliers of petroleum products to the Northeast. It’s also one reason why gasoline prices are low in our state. This law will cripple that industry, costing the state one of its few remaining engines of growth, and it will serve as a hidden gasoline tax on every motorist in New Jersey.

The law broadly provides for state supervision and regulation of emissions, but it contains no specific proposals to lower emissions. That makes it difficult to determine exactly how much implementation will cost, which means the Legislature and governor enacted the law without even the possibility of a cost-benefit analysis. Assemblyman Joseph Pennacchio, R-Morris, noted the discussion of the ends but not the means was reminiscent of the Highlands Act, which took away local zoning powers and gave them to the state.

With one of the highest state and local tax burdens in the country and the third worst business climate, according to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey’s future looks more bleak every day.

Notice how "high tax burdens" and "worst business climate" seem to always go hand-in-hand? Corzine doesn't care, he's got his extremist social agenda to pay for, and if our billionaire governor needs to destroy the minimal wealth and livelihoods of New Jersey's middle class to do it, why, that's a price he's willing to pay.

He can afford it, of course....

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