Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bold !

Lots of in-your-face sentiment out there tonight; and I love it...The Baron, posting at Gates Of Vienna, speaks out:

Islam is a political ideology with the trappings of a religion, and adherents who are zealous in their practice of Islam are engaging in political activism, often of the most radical and violent form.

For that reason we right-wing extremists regard vigorously practicing Muslims as a potential fifth column in their adopted countries in the West. As a result we are considered “racists” and “Islamophobes”.

But there is no secret about the lack of loyalty among Muslims in the West. Sedition is routinely recorded in opinion polls, proclaimed from the pulpit, broadcast over the airwaves, posted on the internet, and distributed in newspapers. One has to be willingly blind, stupid, or dead in order to ignore it.

Just like the mainstream media! But lest you think the Baron exaggerates, look who just got a jihad called down upon him:

The Council on American Islamic Relations, the Saudi-funded radical Islamic front group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial, has put out one of their infamous “Action Alerts” on Rudy Giuliani—because he used the words “Islamic terrorism”.....

But it's not a politcal ideology; it's a religion of peace!

And speaking of deadly ideology, let's segue into the Cult of Global Warming. From today's Wall Street Journal, we see how the fear of the Cult is already beginning to wreak havoc with the grid:

As recently as May, U.S. power companies had announced intentions to build as many as 150 new generating plants fueled by coal, which currently supplies about half the nation's electricity....

But as plans for this fleet of new coal-powered plants move forward, an increasing number are being canceled or development slowed. Coal plants have come under fire because coal is a big source of carbon dioxide, the main gas blamed for global warming, in a time when climate change has become a hot-button political issue.

Glenn Reynolds comments thusly:

Just remember, the electricity has to come from somewhere. And when the brownouts and blackouts start, will people blame the environmentalists, or the power companies -- and politicians?

Like all cults, the Prophets of Global Warming want us to go back to a "simpler time", and we will - with rolling blackouts elongating workdays, stifiling apartments killing the weak, sick and elderly, and an economy that will no longer be able to depend upon that which we most take for granted, motive power. At least we'll be able to enjoy air that is 1% cleaner and cooler, that is, if we can stay alive to breathe it....

And speaking of the Prophet:

Al Gore’s lovely daughter Sarah got married over the weekend,” and “critics are now bashing Al Gore for serving Chilean sea bass at his daughter’s wedding because it’s an endangered species. But in his defense, "whenever Al Gore picks up a knife and fork, any species is endangered.”

Including humans, apparently....

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Anonymous said...

hah! The "Goreacle" returns, as an evil devourer of Patagonian Toothfish! Only in America can a clueless youth culture (including the mentally childish peopleing Hollywood)can a fat, failed former Vice President become a hero for creating an imaginary crisis whose "resolution", as you note, will turn this country into a third world nation.

I'd be scared if it wasn't to freaking funny.