Monday, July 30, 2007

Polls, Research Projects...

...they're all useless. The automakers have already learned the hard way; they kept trying to build the small, fuel-efficient car we always told them we wanted to drive; yet somehow folks always pulled out of the dealership with a new pickup, SUV, or tuner vehicle with a nitrous-capable engine. But Detroit (and Japan - hello, Toyota Tundra!) eventually understood, and adapted....

Anyway. Here's another cautionary tale about what happens when you lay your money with the poll results -from the Radio Equalizer:

If a listener research project's results recommended jumping off a cliff, would you do it?

In a way, that's the mistake made by Baltimore's WBAL- AM, which foolishly purged Rush Limbaugh from its schedule just over a year ago. Outright handing the talk titan to 'BAL's competitor, the longtime market leader immediately began a ratings slide that shows no signs of easing up.Instead of first place, where it previously resided, the station has fallen to sixth in new ratings released on Friday.

Why did WBAL give 'ol Rush the boot? From the mouth of fools:

As experienced broadcasters, with over 50-years of collective experience, our instincts have been moving us to change. But, rather than just make such an important decision on “a gut feeling,” we recently commissioned a major research project. Considerable time and effort went into researching what radio listeners in our area want.

And you believed it. Suckers.

Hey! I have that compact little gas-miser you've always been pining away for...ready to trade in your Land Rovers for it?


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