Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time to protest "Live Earth!"

This is too funny:

Continued weak demand for the singing saviors of climate change - With the worldwide "Live Earth" concert on July 7, Hamburg wants to protect the climate and take its place next to other metropolitan venues such as London, Tokyo and Sydney. But only half of the tickets have been sold. Hamburg tourist officials are giving away the tickets in promotional packages.

Five days before the concert, just 22,000 of the show's 45,000 available tickets have been sold, Die Welt reports. Frank Erich, spokesman for the Comtent Agency, sees little cause for alarm: "We're assuming that the ticket sales will increase dramatically in the last few days before the concert," he said....

I'm assuming you are incorrect - going to a benefit concert is the easiest way to show loyalty to a cause without, you know, actually doing anything. If you're resorting to palming off tickets on unsuspecting tourist, you've got a problem...

The "global warming" fallacy is dead; long live my gas-sucking SUV's!

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Anonymous said...

As a "Jesrsey nut", does it disappoint you that it is Called Live Earth New York, yet it is being held in Jersey. Jersey never gets any recognition