Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Sydney Riots - a Non-PC View...

Britain's Melanie Phillips, quickly becoming a lone voice of sanity in the British intellectual wilderness, has her take on the recent Aussie-Muslim unrest in Sydney: appears that the current unrest was sparked by Lebanese Muslim attacks on two indigenous lifeguards, and that this was only the tip of an iceberg of aggression by this minority which - thanks to the censorship imposed by multiculturalism - has gone all but unreported.

"Censorship" is an underused word in this case - how many times have you seen a police report in the newspaper with a full description of a perpetrator, containing everything except their race? Oh, I forgot, the only ones ever guilty of censorship are Bush Administration officials!

...a loss of professional nerve in the Australian police led to a mindset that was more concerned with avoiding hostility by ethnic minorities than tackling crime (identical to the situation in Britain). Confronting even the most minor of misdemeanours in Muslim areas tended to provoke a terrifyingly violent response -to which the police response was abject surrender...

...The result has been an explosive amount of crime and extreme violence by gangs of Middle Eastern origin, with many racially motivated attacks by such gangs who target people simply because they are Australian.

Phillips compares this to the situation in Britian; which I admit I do not know much about - but based on the huge pro-Palestinian, anti-Semetic rallies combined with subway bombings, seems to make some sense - but it certainly bears the hallmarks of the social decay in the suburbs of France. In our PC world, racism is just fine when practiced against whites, I suppose...Anyway, Ms. Phillips concludes thusly:

Britain, France, Australia, Sweden - variations of the same phenomenon are happening all over the western world. Aggression and denial, creating a spiral of ever-worsening aggression, all because of a paralysis in acknowledging, let alone dealing with, the true nature of what we are all facing.

Censorship by the multi-culti thought police will be the death of us all - every culture is not equal; and applying equal status to those whom defy society's norms will undo those norms in short order. Multiculturalism now makes the perpetrator into the victim; giving us a future where we must all choose between being anarchists or their prey.

I will fight; as I choose neither...

Link to Ms. Phillips essay here:
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The probligo said...

I commend this article for your consideration.

Now there will be much in there you will be able to snip and paste to suit your confirmation bias, so please let me just extract what I think are some of the more important pieces...

The Australian flag has become a badge of bigotry, draped around the shoulders of whites spoiling for a fight, and flapping on cars and utes driving circuits around the Cronulla beachfront. The slogan "We grew here, you flew here" has been lifted from the girl surf movie Blue Crush, where it was used by native Hawaiians against mainland US surfers, and turned against the "Lebs".

The trigger for all this was the bashing of several young surf lifesavers on Cronulla beach two weeks ago by a gang of Lebanese youths. At most other times, in most other parts of Sydney, it would almost certainly have past unnoticed, just another random act of testosterone-packed violence.

But it happened on a relatively slow news day, and touched a raw nerve in the Australian psyche: surf lifesavers are Australian icons, a symbol of all that the nation sees good in itself, and a touchstone for its values since the Cronulla club was founded almost a century ago.

Newspapers, radio and TV jumped on the bashing. Talkback hosts, especially, pounded outrage and anger, fuelling a new debate on the role of the media in the shocking violence that was to follow. Morning radio king Alan Jones, while urging listeners against retaliation, called for "a rally, a street march, call it what you will. A community show of force."

Lebanese and Muslim spokesmen have also pointed out that the small thug element that drives violence by their youths is not bound, or even influenced by, religious, cultural or community standards. Police have also been accused of sidestepping the problem for fear of being accused of racism.

White perceptions - and bigotries - have been further darkened by a fear of terrorism that feeds on ignorance and difference, and by a handful of appalling crimes committed by Lebanese men that have stained an entire community, most notably gang rapes, drug turf wars and the shooting of the Lakemba police station.

Young Lebanese took all this baggage when they went to the beach. There was trouble first at Maroubra, a tough, insular community that has no time for troublesome outsiders. The local thugs, a group of surfers known as the Bra Boys, drove them out.

Text messages intercepted by police and the media speak their anger for them, mustering forces for battle against "Aussies" from as far away as Melbourne and Canberra, and from relatives whose families have made it out of Lakemba into the million-dollar homes of Cherrybrook, in Sydney's northwest, where high school teenagers have received the call.

One message, passed to the New Zealand Herald by a reader, urges:"They've tortured us around the world ... n humiliated us but its not gona happen anymore! Lebanese unite as 1 on the 18-12-05 prepare for war send this msg 2 every arab u know."

On the other side, white bigotry has been stirred by neo-Nazis and white supremacists, as well as by thugs spoiling for a fight. A typical posting on the Stormfront website exults: "What a day. Thousands of white Aussies drive out middleeastern scum from their beach."

The white call to arms has also gone across the nation, urging racist violence in Melbourne, Queensland's Gold Coast and Adelaide and Perth, where there already have been battles between gangs of young whites and Middle Eastern youths, and attacks on Muslims.

An SMS message published in The Australian exults in the violence: "Today is only the beginning, this is a straight up WAR."

So, as I said in my previous comment to you on this, there is fault on both sides. I was (I freely admit) unaware of the "third wave" of Lebanese in 1978 to Australia. Unlike you, and unlike the thugs that control the beaches of Sydney, I do not take that as a "primary cause" of these riots and gang battles.

Here, I believe, is one of the major contributing factors...

Police have also been accused of sidestepping the problem for fear of being accused of racism.

I am glad that I do not live in Aussie.

The probligo said...

To show the "standard" of the typical Australian yobbo, read this -

It is not just Lebanese that some Aussies like to sledge...

To give a comparison -

If the US sent an All Stars Baseball team to play Japan, and the Japanese crowd started yelling "N****r" at coloured US players (not that they ever would because the Japanese are far too polite) you would get some measure of the insult involved.

Am I surprised at the way Sydney yobbos acted at Cronulla? Not a bit...