Sunday, December 18, 2005

Afghanistan's Success...ssshhhh !

Yeah, I know, I only need to turn on the news to hear about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket and it is all George Bush's fault; the War on Terror has been a disaster, people dying for nothing, etc...

Yet there is this, as dug up by Murdoc Online:

Formation of the parliament marks the latest step in Afghanistan' path to democracy and follows the country's Sept. 18 parliamentary elections, a State Department official told the American Forces Press Service on the condition that he not be identified or quoted.
Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and international military forces ensured a relatively safe and secure environment so more than 12.5 million registered voters could vote for a 249-member lower house of parliament, as well as provincial councils. These council members, in turn, elected 68 members of the upper chamber.
President Hamid Karzai appointed the remaining 34 upper-house members, more than half of them women, the official explained.

A peaceful election, women representing more than half of Afghanistan's upper house...why isn't NOW singing the praises of the Bush administration? Do the liberals prefer the Taliban, with their brutal repression of women, destruction of non-Muslim cultural artifacts, and exportation of terrorism? Or would they rather recreate the slavery of the Afghan populace in order to have a few stones to chuck at President Bush?

Murdoc echoes thoughts expressed here before:

If, at the end of September 2001 you had said that both Iraq and Afghanistan would have elected new democratic national governments by the end of 2005, I would have said you were a bit too optimistic. I'm glad to be proven wrong.
Why are some people so disappointed that things are going so well?
Are they unpatriotic?

Hey - DON'T QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM, OK? Remember, they are the ones who really support the troops...

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