Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sydney Riots: The Apologists Have Arrived!

The fighting continues in Sydney...via LGF:

Seven people were injured and 11 arrested after youths rioted in the suburbs Monday night, smashing the windows of stores, homes and parked cars. The youths appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent, leading police to believe the destruction was in response to racially fueled attacks [where are the scare quotes? -ed.] on a Sydney beach a day earlier...

As we predicted yesterday {}, it didn't take long for the multiculti apologists to figure out a way to blame the evil West for the anger of the rioters. Professor Bunyip has a roundup of the claptrap posted in the Sydney Morning Herald:'s getting harder for multiculturalism's obfuscators to stick to the script. Still, credit where it's due, they remain resolute. As usual, the Silly is in the wings, prompt book at the ready. Consider its "coverage" from today's paper:
David Marr blames Alan Jones for Sunday's yobbo-palooza, never mentioning our Muslim Middle Eastern imports' long history of impolite behaviour, including 20-on-1 gang violence and pack rape.
• Damien Murphy rounds up a posse of academics who attribute the trouble to mateship, surf culture and, of course, our Prime Minister. ("At Cronulla, there's John Howard dog-whistling on immigration, Bob Carr singling out the ethnicity of rapists, and the anti-terror laws," said Amanda Wise, of Macquarie University's Centre for Research on Social Inclusion. As a result, Lebanese Australians are demonised etc., etc., blah, blah, blah).
The high incidence of English speakers in Sutherland Shire is the root cause, according to Sharon Verghis.

The Professor also exposes some Austrailan media dhimmis whom report all of the henious acts being committed yet refuse to identify whom is perpetrating it all here: .

I admit a lack of total understanding of Aussie surf culture; and while I understand that those whom fought with the Muslims on the beach have been described as the American version of "white trash"; is this any reason to treat their grievences any less seriously? Or is it still open season on poor white folk? As surfers usually espouse a "live and let live" type of philosophy; shouldn't we question what must have been building up in them to finally confront Muslim gangs who apparently have been freely roaming the beaches, abusing women, and beating down lifeguards?

Or is finding the particular "root causes" of these riots to painful for even the multiculties to undertake?

Reminds me of "The Planet of the Apes", when Cornelious warns Taylor not to travel further into the Forbidden Zone:
"Taylor...You may not like what you find...'

LGF link here:

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The probligo said...

"Reminds me of "The Planet of the Apes", when Cornelious warns Taylor not to travel further into the Forbidden Zone:
"Taylor...You may not like what you find...'

Yep, that would be absolutely right...

As pointed out to your last post on the topic, there is a very ugly underbelly to Australia.

Dont blame the "muslims" for it.

It was there in 1995 - the comments by and about Pauline Hansen were the result.

It was there in 1975. Talk to NZ shearers and the arguments over "wide combs". It didn't help that many were Maori.

It was there in 1965. And in 1955. And in 1945. Ever see a film called "Rabbit Proof Fence"? Strongly recommended. About an aborigine girl and the Australian government policies of "europeanisation" verging on social genocide (as in killing off the culture, not the people).

It just happens that the Muslim community is the latest target of that racist underground at the moment. They are the South Pacific equivalent of English soccer hooligans.

That does not make the Muslim's lily-white. But neither is a lynch mob.

BTW you will be pleased to know that the local "boyz" in Wellington have postered up promoting "reclaim our country" - the usual culprits involved like the neo-nazis, the skinheads, probably the Destiny Church... I think a quick trip to Wellington might be warranted. See ya there!