Sunday, December 11, 2005

Race Riots in Sydney?

Tim Blair has been following; he has reports and a timeline:

Racial tension turned to violence today as at least 5000 angry people converged on the beach after simmering anger and disputes between beach users flared last week.
An ambulance spokesman said crews had treated at least five people after pockets of violence broke out among the crowd ...

Two ambulance officers were injured when an angry mob attacked their vehicle.
The ambulance was transporting six injured youths under police escort when the crowd descended upon the vehicle and began hurling beer bottles.

Attacking rescue workers? Sacre Bleu, where have we seen that before? I don't get it, call me culturally confused, but in America, we honor our emergency service workers...

Now here's the timeline:

Last weekend some people, probably Lebanese Muslims, bashed a bunch of lifeguards at Cronulla Beach, including knocking one unconscious. They also harassed girls and women on the beach.
* Residents, pissed off by the violence,
got angry at the lack of police attendance and presence.
* The anger morphed into a rage that the beach was being “invaded” by people from the western suburbs (i.e., a euphemism for Lebanese Muslims).
* Some people started
texting to incite others to “defend the beach” from thugs.
* Today they did that by forming a violent, rowdy, mob.

But the Muslims learned how to fight by watching the French Intifada on TV:

Reports on radio station 2GB indicated up to 50 vehicles with passengers armed with “baseball bats” had been causing trouble in Maroubra, in Sydney’s east.
Sky News reported that a group of people in cars and with baseball bats, bits of wood and stakes, had “slammed every single car” in some streets.

Tim Blair comments:

The above report doesn’t say so, but our bat-wielding friends are of “Middle Eastern appearance”, at least according to police radio...

Blair goes on to seemingly critisize those whom "defended the beach"; but since the Aussie police have apparently been in hiding, seems like someone had to step up to prevent Sharia law from being imposed on Sydney's beaches. From RightWingDeathBogan:

...What I find more appalling than this sort of 'unrest' breaking out at all, is that it was allowed to get to this stage. Where have the police been? What have the community leaders been up to (other than hiding their heads up their arses) when we hear of this happening:

Another Cronulla local told how little girls taking part in swimming lessons at the beach were warned to keep their sun protection shirts on as they left the water after thugs called them "little tarts".
Others described the abuse of a pregnant woman because she was taking up room on a stair way to the beach as one of the most shocking recent incidents at the beach.
The father of a 16-year-old girl said she had been too afraid to return to the beach after she and two friends were asked if they were virgins by a group of men. When she failed to respond the gang told her she would be carried off the beach and it was only when she spotted a friend nearby that the two girls were able to escape.
Locals said the behaviour of aggressive groups of youths of Middle Eastern descent had become progressively worse in recent years. "I am not racist against their ethnicity, I am reacting to their behaviour," one surf life saving source said.

Trust me, I am sure the PC Police will be out in force to make sure the word "Muslim" is not used in connection with these events at all; and any who "react to their behavior" by naming their ethnicity will instantly be labeled "racist", making honest discussion moot. Fairly soon we will hear about how these Islamists are "poor" and "discriminated against"; and how we must "understand their culture" - despite the fact they are apparently under no obligation to recognize ours.

I have great faith in our Aussie friends, however...there will be no Sydney Intifada, for at the first sign of an organized uprising Australia and it's citizens will bite back hard (as they may have done today).

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The probligo said...

Perhaps some FACTS might help with understanding?

Neo-Nazis are believed to have been among those who took part in the race-fuelled violence at Cronulla in Sydney's south, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says.

Up to 5,000 people descended on the beach yesterday as mobs yelling racist chants targeted people of Middle Eastern appearance.

Mr Scipione said police believed neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups were among the crowd.

"That in fact is something that we're following up," he told the Nine network. "Yes, that's the advice we've received."

One woman was pictured at Cronulla Beach holding a poster that read "Aussies fighting back." Her photo appeared in a Sydney News Limited newspaper today. She was advertising a group called the Patriotic Youth League.

A series of apparent revenge attacks - including two stabbings - occurred overnight following the unrest at Cronulla, where more than 5000 people gathered yesterday.

Drunken mobs within the crowd yelled racist chants and chased down and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance at the beach in an extended show of violence.

Police and an ambulance crew were also assaulted as racial tensions peaked.

Or are these your friends?